Top 5 Healthy Foods For Women

The first step towards gaining a healthy body is to have a balanced diet. Given below are some foods which will help in achieving a healthy body especially in women.


Cranberry Juice
A lot of times natural cures do soothe our body and help to get rid of those nagging diseases which just do not seem to go away. Cranberry juice is one such solution for the treatment of Urinary Tract Infections especially among women. As opposed to the popular belief that the acidic nature makes it effective, cranberry juice helps in this regard due to the presence of the large quantity of antioxidants present in it which prevent the damage that may be caused by the free radicals in the body. These tannins stop the bacteria from sticking on to the walls of the urinary bladder and hence prevent them from infecting the body or multiplying in it. This is more helpful for women than men as the occurrence of the UTIs is observed more among women.


Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt
This particular variety of yogurt contains double the quantity of protein present in the regular yogurt. They also have very less carbs in them and hence do not interfere with the blood sugar level. This is especially helpful for women for weight loss, healthy aging and also maintenance of muscle. Not only is it super healthy, it also doubles up as a portable snack and so instead of eating junk this works as a perfect alternative.



Munching on a handful of these delicious nuts is known to help in the prevention of breast cancer and also osteoporosis which is a very big problem among women. Eating just a couple of ounces of these walnuts may slow the rate of growth of tumours. Although the exact reason for this effect is unknown, it is being said that the phytosterosis, an antioxidant which is already known for its anti – cancerous properties, may be responsible for it. Also the beneficial omega 3 fats found in walnuts may also be contributing to the well being of the body especially by keeping the strong.



This leafy vegetable is often shunned by a lot of people but what a lot of us fail to realise is that it is filled with nutrients which are very good for our health, especially women. The antioxidants found in these are known to protect the eye against damage and also supply the body with an entire day’s supply of Vitamin C in just one serving. The vitamin K found in it is very helpful in building strong bones and since women are more prone to bone problems this should be added to their diet.



Tomatoes are loved by all and can be incorporated in just about anything. They are rich in lycopene and hence may assist in protecting the body against cervical cancer and also breast cancer. It has also been observed that eating a diet rich in tomatoes may help in protecting the heart from cardiovascular diseases.

If all of the above mentioned foods are added to the diet then you will be taking the first step towards achieving a healthier body.

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