Urinary Tract Infection and Cranberry Juice Benefits

For long the cranberry juice has been known as a good resource for curing and also prevention of urinary tract infections (UTI). The infections are largely caused due to fimbriated bacteria known as Escherichia coli which adhere to the walls of the urinary bladder and hence result in infections.

The cranberry juice is known to contain a couple of compounds that have antiadherence properties. These prevent the bacteria from adhering to the surface of bladder due to which they get flushed out of the body and hence the UTIs are prevented.

Cranberry – The Fruit

Cranberries contain more than 80% water while about 10% of it contains carbohydrates. It also contains catechins, anthocyanins, flavonoids, organic acids, triterpenoids and also a little quantity of the ascorbic acid. Some of the organic acids present in the cranberry juice are malic acid, quinic acid, citric acid and also benzoic acid and glucuronic acid in small amounts. All of these components are helpful to the body in one way or the other. Although some of them are present in tiny quantities, they are essential to obtain a healthy body. All of these compounds are found in the cranberry fruit, the cranberry juice and also the dried cranberry powder. You can have your pick depending on what you prefer.

Cranberries are found in North America and also in some parts of Europe. The natives who had access to these fruits used them endlessly. The Native Americans happen to be the first people to utilise the cranberries especially for the medicinal properties they knew it possessed. It was used in the treatment of liver problems, blood disorders, fever and also stomach ailments.Cranberry-Plant

Scientist have found that the consumption of the cranberry juice make the urine acidic which in turn becomes a hostile environment for those bacteria that are known to spread urinary tract infections.

Up until now, these claims were made by people based on their personal experiences but now several studies have been carried to figure out what exactly are the benefits of the cranberries or the cranberry juice. The lot of clinical results have conclusively shown that the cranberries may actually be helpful in the prevention and cure of UTIs. It is seen to be especially true among those women who are sexually active.

There are several things that are yet to be determined such as the quantity of the juice that is to be consumed on a regular basis. Though it seems like a tiny thing that may not be worth fussing about, it actually is very important. The cranberry juice available in the stores may have a large number of calories and this might not be suitable for everybody. Also it has a really sharp taste which may not be liked by everybody. Hence consuming a lot of cranberry juice is not really preferable. Go for a tiny 8 ounce shot of the juice every day.

As long as you make sure that you are buying the unsweetened variety of the juice and also making sure that you consume only a small quantity of it, then maybe you can be successful in warding off the painful and uncomfortable infections.

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