Cranberry juice: The amazing nutrition drink

cranberry juice

cranberry juice

Cranberries have been known to be extremely nutritious and hence consuming the cranberry juice is definitely one of the ways to take in all the nutrition the fruit has to offer.

Cranberry juice

The cranberry juice is crushed out of the acidic fruits that grow on vines or small shrubs. Although packed with a large number of nutrients, it is slightly tart and hence people tend to dilute it with different kinds of juices, like apple or mango, before consuming it. It can also be diluted with sweeteners or water to dial down the acidity content of the tart fruit juice.

For people who are not very big fans of the tart flavour, diluting the juice will definitely make it easier for them to consume it. But care has to be taken to refrain from diluting it too much or adding too much sugar as too it would reduce the health benefits of the juice.

Health benefits of the cranberry juice

Cranberry juice has been widely known to help in the treatment of the urinary tract infections (UTI) and is also known to help in the treatment of the bladder. It is known to make the bladder more acidic and hence it makes it difficult for the infection causing bacteria to multiply. This in turn prevents the contraction of the UTIs.

Cranberry juice is a good source of vitamin C, manganese and also other nutrients. It is also a good source of several kinds of antioxidants including polyphenols. These polyphenols may be helpful in the prevention of the heart diseases and cancer. Apart from these benefits, it is also known to boost the immunity system of the body. Certain components found in the cranberry juice are also known to help in the fight against plaque and also tooth decay.

Some cautions regarding the cranberry juice

Take a lot of care while choosing the cranberry juice. While choosing the juice, do make it a point to go through the label and understand the quantity of the cranberry juice present in the drink. In its natural form cranberry juice is very nutritious but if you happen to choose a brand which is diluting the juice too much or is adding a lot of sugar and preservatives then it just might not be as helpful as the natural one. Adding a large quantity of sugar might lead to weight gain or also insulin resistance in the body.

Sometimes cranberry juice is connected to the kidney stones as it also contains oxalates which may harden and form stones. But certain studies have been known to prove that the cranberry juice might in fact be helpful in reducing the risk of the formation of kidney stones.

The acidity in the cranberry juice is helpful in fighting tooth decay and plaque. But too much cranberry juice can erode the enamel off the teeth.

People who are under medication for thinning the blood should refrain from consuming the cranberry juice as it has anti – clotting properties.

With a wide array of health benefits, the cranberry juice if consumed in the required quantities, might just help you attain a healthy body.

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