Black Cherry Concentrate and Its Health Benefits

Black Cherry Concentrate

Black Cherry Concentrate

Black cherries belong to the rose family. They provide powerful antioxidants, supply vitamins and also help in the reduction of inflammations. They are also used as a sleep aid, in the treatment of gout and also in kidney support.

Antioxidant properties of Black cherries

Black cherries concentrate have been found to contain polyphenols, which happen to be organic compounds containing antioxidants properties. Tests conducted have time and again shown that fruit juices like black cherry, acai, cranberry, blueberry, concord grape juice and pomegranate contain potent antioxidants in them. Hence these juices are enabled with the ability to reduce the oxidation of low – density lipoprotein. Among all the different kinds of juices being tested, black cherry juice ended among the top four in terms of the antioxidant capacity.

Anti inflammatory properties of Black cherries

Sometimes inflammations in the body may lead to certain chronic diseases which may affect the heart, brain and also other organs of the body. Black cherries, both tart and sweet, are known to contain anti – inflammatory properties and hence are known to help in reducing the inflammation and hence helps in prevention of diseases. Studies have found that the cherries may inhibit the inflammatory pathways and hence helps in decreasing the inflammation.

Treatment of Gout

Gout happens to be a kind of arthritis. The build up of very large quantities of uric acid in the joints turn into uric acid crystals. This in turn may lead to the inflammation in the joints. Both men and women can suffer from gout. Among the several known treatments for gout, one of them happens to be the daily consumption of any cherry juice (8 to 16 ounces), including the black cherry juice. After a period of two weeks, this juice lowers the build up of the uric acid crystals and hence helps in the prevention of gout attacks.

Black cherry as a sleep aid

A compound called serotonin is found in the black cherry, which is known to aid in sleeping as it may soothe the body and hence helps in achieving sound sleep. A study has shown that regular consumption of the black cherries or the black cherry juice has a positive effect on not just the sleep but also on the sleep duration. This also helps in the treatment of insomnia.

Black cherry can be incorporated in salad dressings, desserts or even smoothies. With a long list of beneficial effects of the black cherries, it would definitely be wise to add them to the regular diet.

In people who are allergic to different kinds of fruit might also experience allergic reactions due to black cherries as well. Consumption of black cherries may interfere with the medications for diseases like cancer, fungal infections, high cholesterol, sedatives and also allergies. So if you consuming medicines for any of these diseases then it is always preferable to consult with the doctor before adding the black cherry or its juice to the diet. Pregnant or breast feeding women are also recommended to stay away from the black cherries as well.

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