Goji Berry Liquid And Its Health Benefits

Goji Berry Liquid

Goji Berry Liquid

Has goji berry been used for long?

Lycium barbarum is the name by which science knows the Goji berry. But this hasn’t always been the case. Introduced to the modern relatively recently, the goji berry juice has been used by the natives, especially in China, for centuries. The goji berry juice contains several therapeutic properties, largely due to the antioxidants present in it, which the native medicine men were completely aware of and hence have been using it to help in dealing with a number of problems. They revered it and one of the poets went a step further and even wrote a poem about it.

What is the nutrition content that may be found in the goji berry juice?

A very good percentage of carotenoids (beta carotene and lycopene) are found in the fruit and also the juice. A lot of studies have time and again shown that the goji berry juice has substantial amount of antioxidants in them. These antioxidants are credited for most of the beneficial effects of this berry. Apart from these major components some trace minerals are also found like phosphorous, calcium, iron, germanium, zinc, copper and also selenium. All of these are known to benefit the body in some or the other way and hence improve the overall health.

A lot has been said about goji berry improving the quality of the skin. How true is it?

Although a lot of the studies being carried out on the goji berry are still in the primary stages, so far goji berry is known to prevent the damage that may be caused by the UV radiation to the skin. The UV radiation leads to a type of reaction called lipid peroxidation in the skin which is very harmful but the antioxidants in the juice ends up preventing it.

Some studies have shown that people with sensitive skin and also those who are prone to sun burns benefit greatly from this juice.

What are the other benefits that my body stands to achieve if I regularly consume the goji berry juice?

The natives have long believed that the goji berry juice contains some serious immunity enhancing properties. Not just that, they also believed that the juice can reverse the process of aging.

Today, modern technology and also science has helped us to understand if these claims made by the natives are true or false. We have found that the goji berry juice may help the body strengthen the immunity of the body. Although it does not reverse the aging of the body, it is now known that it does, to certain extent, slow down the rate at which the body ages. The cells of the body are protected and hence our body ages a lot slower than usual.

Apart from these benefits, it is also known to help in strengthening the bones, improving the memory, weight management, strengthening muscles, controlling cholesterol, regulating the function of the body and many more. With these benefits to offer it is no wonder that the goji berry juice has been added to the list of super foods.

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