Healing Powers Of The Cranberry Juice



Urinary tract infection (UTI), medically known as cystitis, has been found to affect about 60% of the women across the world during some or the other point in their lifetime. Sometimes it can be just once solitary incident, but in a number of cases these infections seem to recur. Almost a third of the women happen to experience the infection again within the same year.

The conventional treatment for these UTIs largely happens to be antibiotics. While these are known to help in getting rid of the infection, there have been growing concerns regarding the usage of antibiotics since it may lead to the emergence of such varieties which may be resistant to these medications.

Therefore there have been wide spread researches to come up with an alternative which will effectively battle the UTIs. One of the things being researched on as a potential medicine against them is the cranberry juice.

Certain studies have shown that women who consumed cranberry juice or a drink containing the cranberry juice may reduce the risk of succumbing to this disease by half. Hence, cranberry has shown some promising qualities to help fight the UTI.

Almost always UTIs are found to be caused by bacterial organisms. Almost 80% of the infections have been caused due to a particular bacterium called E. coli which lives in our gut. Sometimes it makes its way to the bladder by migrating through the tube which takes the urine outside (urethra) from the bladder. It manages to move using a finger like projection (fimbriae) which can adhere or even penetrate the bladder lining.

Cranberry juice has been known to contain certain substances called pro – anthocyanidins. These compounds reduce the ability of the E. coli to form the fimbriae and hence prevent the bacteria from sticking on to the walls of the bladder. Since it cannot adhere to the wall, it can be flushed out of the system very easily.

Studies have found that if women consume the cranberry juice on a daily basis for about six months then they tend to reduce the number of UTIs to half as compared to those women who do not. It was also found that the effect remained for an additional six months, although the reason behind it is still unclear.

Benefits Of The Cranberry Juice For Men

While a lot of benefits of the cranberry juice have been centred on women, it has been found to be beneficial for men as well. Although men do not suffer from UTIs as much as women due to their longer urethras, they do however suffer from a disease called the ‘prostatitis’. This is caused due to the inflammation of the prostate glands and hence can result in discomfort.

Cranberry juice is known to be a very good source of quercetin, which is known for its anti – inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that drinking cranberry juice may help in dealing with prostatitis.
How To Choose The Right Cranberry Juice?

There are several varieties of juices available in stores which contain cranberry juice in them. But most of them contain a very small percentage of the cranberry juice while the rest of it is made up with sweetened water which is unhealthy for the body. So always try and go for that variety where the concentration of the cranberry juice is high.

This might just help you in having a clean gut and hence may help you to stay away from diseases.

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