Prevent Those Nasty Infections by Drinking the Cranberry Juice

cranberry juice concentrate

cranberry juice concentrate

A lot of women, a very big percentage at that, are found to have suffered from Urinary Tract Infections. All of them seem to have suffered from one of the tract infections at least one of once before they reach the age of 25. Known to be very painful, women dread the thought of infections but are most prone to it and a lot of them seem to get infected again and again.

The cranberry juice is known to have a very high quantity of Vitamin C in it. Also the juice is highly acidic and this is the reason why it is considered as a cure for all sorts of urinary tract infections.

It is believed that the acid content in the fruit also makes the urine quite acidic. This acid content in the urine makes it very inhospitable for the infection causing bacteria to multiply. This in turn helps in the prevention of the urinary infections. This has been a long standing belief among researchers.

More recent reports have come up with a completely new theory altogether. The bacteria which cause this infection are found to hang on to the walls of the bladder using some special hook like structures. There are some special compounds present in the cranberry juice which prevent the bacteria from attaching themselves to the walls of the bladder and when the bladder is emptied, these also get flushed out of the body and hence the body gets rid of infections. These compounds are known to not just treat the infection but also prevent it from occurring again.

Although this is great news for women, especially those who suffer from recurring infections, it is not always helpful. The cranberry juice is quite high in terms of acidity and so it may not suit everybody’s body. Some people are known to suffer from problems like nausea, stomach discomfort, diarrhoea and in certain cases gastroesophagal reflux due to the consumption of the cranberry juice.

Since a lot of research hasn’t been done on the cranberry juice as a component to drive away the infections, there is no known dosage for the consumption of this juice. But it is being said that just 1.7 ounces of the cranberry juice when consumed every single day then the chances of being affected by the UTI is reduced by more than 20%.

This is true for most men as well but they do not tend to suffer from urinary tract infections as much as women and so very few studies have focussed on them. Those few studies also show the same kind of response from the bodies of men who consume the cranberry juice.

Although this is the biggest health benefit that the cranberry juice is known to provide, there are other benefits as well. It is known to protect the teeth from decaying, the infections of the respiratory system is prevented, anti – aging and several more. If the infection doesn’t completely cure on consuming the cranberry juice then it is advised that you do see a doctor in this regard.

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