Mangosteen And Losing Excess Belly Fat



Mangosteen has an extremely high count of antioxidants in it and so is considered to be extremely nutritious. So revered is this fruit that it takes its place among the super foods. Increase in body weight is an ever growing concern which everybody is trying to deal with but a large section have remained unsuccessful in this regard. These days Mangosteen is seen as a potential tool which can be used to lose weight.

So how does Mangosteen help in losing weight?

There are several known ways using which the Mangosteen helps in losing weight. First and foremost is the fact that it is a appetite suppressant and naturally limits our food intake without any side effects. Synthesis of glycogen is promoted in our body. When sufficient glycogen is stored up in the body, our brain gets a signal which in turn makes it suppress the appetite of the body.

Secondly, the Mangosteen juice may increase the rate of metabolism in the body which burns energy at a faster rate and facilitates the breakdown of lipids. It also may speed up the rate at which fat is burnt by the body and all of these help in lowering the weight of the person.

Rich in nutrients like manganese, magnesium, potassium, niacin, thiamine, folate and also vitamin C this fruit is very nutritious. The high percentage of the xanthones present in this fruit protects the body against attacks from the harmful free radicals which can do nothing but damage to our body. It also improves the immune system and also digestion of the body.

Mangosteen contains a lot of fibre in it and this increases the metabolic rate of the body and makes digestion a lot more effective. Hence the absorption of the required nutrients by the body is enhanced. With all of these nutrients being absorbed, the body gets a boost of energy. When the body is exercise at such a time then weight loss tends to get a lot easier.

How to use the Mangosteen to lose weight?

Most of the people tend to resort to the juice form of the Mangosteen than anything else. Given below are some directions on how to maximize weight loss. A serving of this juice is approximately 8 oz. Maintain this portion itself and consume it just several times a day. Juices contain sugar and hence stick to just a single portion at a time. If you increase the portion size then do decrease the number of time you consume this juice.

Whenever you feel hungry between meals just pour out a glass of mangosteen juice and drink it up. Since the juice is a natural suppressant of appetite you will not feel hungry anymore and hence will be prevented from taking in those unnecessary calories. Not just this, your body ends up getting nutrition.

You can even drink a glass of this juice before the meal or even with the meal as it gives you a feeling of being full and hence helps you eat less. Whatever method you follow one thing is certain, Mangosteen will definitely help you in losing the excess weight.

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