Introduction To The Crying Berry

‘Crying berry’ or ‘water shedding berry’ refers to acai berry which gets its name owing to the property of shedding water from it. This berry is an inherent species of palm tree which finds its origin in Portugal where it is extensively grown, apart from other parts of the world, including Brazilian Amazon forests, Trinidad and South America. The scientific name given to this berry is ‘Euterpe Oleracea’.

Crying berry

Acai berries grow on palms that are found mostly in swampy regions and floodplains. The acai trees are tall and slender that attain a height up to or more than 25 meters and the leaves could grow up to 3 meters in length. The fruit, i.e. acai berry is small (about 25 mm) and round, which displays a blackish-purple tint, identical to a grape, but growing in a cluster which have up to 900 fruits. Earlier, men used to cut the branches of acai tree to harvest the ripe fruits which were less in grown number. Nowadays, it is mass produced and after harvesting, it is quickly loaded into the baskets and boats. It is believed that these fruits have only a day’s life in which the properties of the juice are still viable.

The demand for acai berry is booming owing to the medicinal properties it is said to possess. A study conducted shows a fact that this fruit is a major constituent of the food of ‘Caboclo community’ in the Brazilian Amazon. Their diet consists of about 42% of these fruit and fruit-products. They also smash it to convert it to a globally drunk wine.

Acai berry has tremendous health properties and is believed to be the richest source of antioxidants. These antioxidants are said to impart great immunity to our body protecting it from various inimical diseases. It is an innate cholesterol controller, which reduces the bad cholesterol and increases the good one. It also fights infection, is marvelous for heart and is a source for great energy. It is also said to be a natural health supplement.  Apart from health properties, these berries are also used in preparation of foods and beverages and other forms such as dry acai fruits and acai pills etc.

The process of juice extraction of the acai berries constitutes the following steps:

  • The acai berries are harvested and brought to the factories
  • Here the pulp of the fruit is separated from the seed. The seed makes up about 80% of the fruit area.
  • The separated pulp is soaked in water which may contain a small portion of sodium hypochloride.
  • The extract is strained and kept at a temperature ranging from 3 to 4o
  • These are then packed and sold fresh, frozen or pasteurized form.

In the manner described above we ought to get pure acai berry juice which is also called as miracle berry. This berry has the property of energizing you instantly when you are in need of it. Why not care for some of these fruits if you could extract the qualities of high-carat diamonds from the fruits as small as pearls.

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