Goji Berry Juice-An Introduction To A Heath Additive

Ask an ailing person, what the importance of health is and he may tell you, better than a world of gold and diamond, better than costly appetizers and all those heavenly things you could suppose. There is a common saying that first happiness in any person’s life is defect free body. Therefore, to promote you to the next level of health and make you all the more lively, I introduce you to the next level of juices- pure goji berry juice.


Goji berry juice derived out of goji berry, which has its scientific name as Lycium barbarum, finds its roots in the Himalayan valleys, apart from Tibet, Mongolia and China. The Himalayan people eat this berry as it is and they nickname it as ‘happy berry’ due to the sense of well being, it is said to induce in them. Goji berries are also known as longevity fruits or fruits of immortality or real diamonds due to the fact that they prolong the life of a human being. If you are to take a handful of these berries and eat them raw, you could feel happiness; it is considered.

Going about 2200 years back in the history, we find that original goji berries are said to be invented by a doctor, who found that certain part of society had people who never grow old, do not lose their teeth and never had fell ill in their life. When inquired about the existence of their eternal health, they pointed towards the fruit of goji tree which made them preserve their health without any extra effort. Those legendry medicinal properties are extracted nowadays to turn it to the liquid form and use it for enhancing the health even in the 21st century.

When we look at the plants of goji berry, we find a deciduous, perennial plant which grows in the range of one to three meters in height with leaves about seven centimeters in length. The flowers are lavender or light purple in color and fruit displays a bright orange-red tint. These are said to contain high amount of vitamin-c.

As a supplement to health, these have a very momentous role to play in our body. Owing to many life-saving properties it contains, it becomes an absolute elixir to the wellness of a human health.

Goji berries could be eaten raw or in powdered form as well. They find their use in a wide variety of items including sweet treats and fun snacks. These have captured the eyes and minds of various marketing companies due to their dietary properties and curing imbalances of health, apart from digestive problems, eye-sight enhancement and various other properties. It also has ample amount of nutrition due to which it displays life saving properties. Some of them include Vitamins A, C, D, E, and K, carbohydrates, sugars, proteins and minerals.

This list would turn endless if you name all of them here. Therefore, with their wide herbal and medicinal properties, if we call the pure goji berry as the king of juices, it would not be an exaggeration by any means.

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