Nutritional Value Of Pure Noni Juice-A Boost To Human Health

Noni juice, derived out of noni fruit, could be considered as a divine liquid to the human health, owing to the nutrients it is believed to possess. Noni fruits grow in small shrubs or trees of height 3 to 10 meters and are green in color with numerous grooves on its outer surface. Its origination dates 2000 years back and it was widely cultivated in Polynesia, China and India energizing and enhancing the health of the residents.


Now too, 2000 years hence, it has made a safe and secure place in the hearts of the people around the globe attributing to the benefits that ooze out of it. Enlisted below are some of the vitamins from the bosom of the fruit with their benefits:

  • Vitamin B1 (thiamine): it is responsible for breakdown of fat and protein and also keeps the mucous membranes healthy.
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin): It is used for the production of energy in the human body.
  • Vitamin B3: It decreases the heart diseases and is also responsible for removal of bad cholesterol.
  • Vitamin B5: helps in fighting respiratory disorders and prevents hair loss, allergies stress and heart problems.
  • Vitamin B6: is responsible for the metabolism of proteins and fats and is very essential for skin liver and eyes.
  • Vitamin B12: it gives the nerves and blood vessels healthy and also prevents from fatigue.
  • Vitamin C: it prevents from common cold and helps fighting against immune system deficiencies, heart diseases and skin and eye diseases.
  • Vitamin E: it prevents from problems arising from polluted hair, neurological diseases as well as fights diabetes.

Apart from the cortege of vitamins listed above it is said to contain a large number of minerals such as:

  • Calcium: it is responsible for building healthy teeth and bones. It also is a boon for heart, nerves and muscles.
  • Potassium: It helps in prevention of strokes, variation in blood pressure, heart and kidney disorders. Besides, it also regulates metabolism, water balance and electrolytic functions.
  • Magnesium: helps in fighting bone and muscle diseases and also regulates the digestive system.
  • Iron: helps in production of hemoglobin and red blood cells and also fights diseases such as anemia.
  • Phosphorus: it is a major part of growth process as well as maintains healthy bones and teeth.
  • Antioxidants: these are multi-functional elements and target each and every part of the body to keep it healthy.

Besides these, there are many other minerals and nutrients that make a part of this heavenly liquid. Due to this it serves a variety of tasks in human body such as enhancing the immune system of the body, fighting catastrophic diseases such as cancers, maintaining a healthy cardiac system, lessening the risk of diabetes, enhancing the process of wound healing, maintaining healthy bones and skin and the list goes endless.

So if you want to attain a healthy overall self, employ the usage of this health tonic to obtain a better living condition, similar to the people that existed many centuries ago.

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