Enrich Your Body With Marine Treasures

As per the scientific evidences, about 71% of the earth is made up only of water out of which, marine expanse occupies the major portion. These gigantic seas and oceans have vast products to offer, which are the livelihood of innumerable people living near or far away from them.

Ocean water could also supply various kinds of elements that are utterly beneficial for the human body. Among these, the sea salt that is obtained from the ocean water is said to contain about 84 distinct kinds of elements. Also, the ocean waters offer many types of green planktons which are no less than green gold for us.

Sea Salts:

Also known as bay salt, sea salts are prepared by evaporation of salt water. The color of these salts is generally darker than the original table salt we consume, as the sea salts absorb minerals from the clay linings of the ocean bodies.

As a general preparation, the table salts require heavy processing, mining, bleaching, iodizing followed by addition of anti-caking agents. Due to the addition of innumerable chemicals in it to offer it a refined look, the table salt loses almost all its minerals except sodium and chloride.

In contrast to this, sea salts do not undergo a heavy processing due to which, the mineral strength of the product stays intact. The mineral and moisture content in sea salt may also depend highly upon the place from where it is mined.

Nutrients in Sea Salt:

Sea Salt could also be called as sea mineral due to presence of numerous trace elements which are derived from oceans. It contains some major required minerals such as sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, bromide, zinc, iron copper, magnesium and many other trace elements that are imperative for human health.

Sea Greens

Sea Greens:

Ocean water is also filled with innumerable biotic green plants that store the treasure of good health within them. Sea greens are similar to the grasses that grow on land, but are more enriched with minerals and other imperative nutrients.

Some of the major green plants that are derived from oceans are blue-green algae, Chlorella and Spirulina etc. which are considered superfoods for humans. These are mostly taken as dietary supplements. All these healthy sea greens are said to promote each and every function of the human body by acting at a cellular level.

 The natural green herbs also enhance the energy level of the body by detoxifying us and throwing the unnecessary elements out by the means of digestive system.

Nutrients in Sea Greens:

Sea Greens are also full of vital minerals such as sodium, potassium and calcium. Apart from these they could possess bits of saturated fats and antioxidants to facilitate the body processes.

Sources of Sea Treasures:

Those who live near the oceans may derive benefits from products that are obtained easily. For others, there are many commercial forms of the similar ocean treasures available which contain Sea Minerals and Sea Greens in a balanced and refined portion. You could easily make use of these products to enrich your body with the assets derived from ocean waters.

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