Facts you should know about Goji Berry Juice

Chinese Wolfberries

Chinese Wolfberries

A rich source of several anti-oxidants, goji berries are surely popular for their anti-aging effects. However they are not very well known & people do tend to have their doubts about these berries. The following might clear them all out.

  1. What kind of berries are these Goji berries?

These are small berries which grow up to roughly the size of our little finger`s tip. They are very hard to find in European countries due to the unfavourable climatic conditions and can be found abundantly in some Asian countries like China, India, Nepal etc.

  1. How can goji berry affect my health?

These berries are claimed to be used in Chinese medicines for several millenniums.

Modern day claims are being made that they can cure diabetes, malaria, fever, hypertension etc. But these claims are yet to be ascertained since the research is only in the initial stages.

  1. Are these goji berries known by other names as well?

They are known as wolf berries as well. The lesser known names are Chinese Wolfberries and also Tibetan goji.

  1. Where can I find these goji berries or their juice?

Goji berry juice is found in most of the stores which sell health drinks. Chinatown is another place to find it. There are several online stores which sell these as well.

  1. What does the goji berry juice taste like?

Goji berries are naturally sweet and hence the juice taste sweet as well. A lot of people tend to love the juice as it leaves a great after taste. The fact that it is extremely nutritious is just an added benefit.

  1. How does it help our skin?

The goji berry juice is simply loaded with beta-carotene. This pigment is very helpful when it comes to promoting a healthy skin& hence prevents fine lines or wrinkles on the skin.

  1. How does the goji berry juice help our body?

Packed with anti-oxidants, it is very helpful in boosting the immune system of the body. It is also packed with a great percentage of vitamin C and hence helps to get rid some cold symptoms.

  1. Are these healthy?

Goji berries are very low on calories and are practically fat – free. They are high in fibres and hence relieve constipation among people who tend to suffer from it. They have several nutrients and minerals and as claimed by several users it does nothing but good to the body.

  1. Is there something I should look out for?

If you are diabetic or are taking medication for thinning your blood then consumption of the goji berries or its juice will result in negative effects on your body and so it is recommended that you refrain from it under medication.

There are so many ways of adding goji berries into your diet. Use the dried ones as snack. Drink its juice after a workout. Add the fresh berries to your cereal. Whatever way you consume it one thing is for certain, you will only benefit from it.

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Mangosteen And Losing Excess Belly Fat



Mangosteen has an extremely high count of antioxidants in it and so is considered to be extremely nutritious. So revered is this fruit that it takes its place among the super foods. Increase in body weight is an ever growing concern which everybody is trying to deal with but a large section have remained unsuccessful in this regard. These days Mangosteen is seen as a potential tool which can be used to lose weight.

So how does Mangosteen help in losing weight?

There are several known ways using which the Mangosteen helps in losing weight. First and foremost is the fact that it is a appetite suppressant and naturally limits our food intake without any side effects. Synthesis of glycogen is promoted in our body. When sufficient glycogen is stored up in the body, our brain gets a signal which in turn makes it suppress the appetite of the body.

Secondly, the Mangosteen juice may increase the rate of metabolism in the body which burns energy at a faster rate and facilitates the breakdown of lipids. It also may speed up the rate at which fat is burnt by the body and all of these help in lowering the weight of the person.

Rich in nutrients like manganese, magnesium, potassium, niacin, thiamine, folate and also vitamin C this fruit is very nutritious. The high percentage of the xanthones present in this fruit protects the body against attacks from the harmful free radicals which can do nothing but damage to our body. It also improves the immune system and also digestion of the body.

Mangosteen contains a lot of fibre in it and this increases the metabolic rate of the body and makes digestion a lot more effective. Hence the absorption of the required nutrients by the body is enhanced. With all of these nutrients being absorbed, the body gets a boost of energy. When the body is exercise at such a time then weight loss tends to get a lot easier.

How to use the Mangosteen to lose weight?

Most of the people tend to resort to the juice form of the Mangosteen than anything else. Given below are some directions on how to maximize weight loss. A serving of this juice is approximately 8 oz. Maintain this portion itself and consume it just several times a day. Juices contain sugar and hence stick to just a single portion at a time. If you increase the portion size then do decrease the number of time you consume this juice.

Whenever you feel hungry between meals just pour out a glass of mangosteen juice and drink it up. Since the juice is a natural suppressant of appetite you will not feel hungry anymore and hence will be prevented from taking in those unnecessary calories. Not just this, your body ends up getting nutrition.

You can even drink a glass of this juice before the meal or even with the meal as it gives you a feeling of being full and hence helps you eat less. Whatever method you follow one thing is certain, Mangosteen will definitely help you in losing the excess weight.

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Prevent Those Nasty Infections by Drinking the Cranberry Juice

cranberry juice concentrate

cranberry juice concentrate

A lot of women, a very big percentage at that, are found to have suffered from Urinary Tract Infections. All of them seem to have suffered from one of the tract infections at least one of once before they reach the age of 25. Known to be very painful, women dread the thought of infections but are most prone to it and a lot of them seem to get infected again and again.

The cranberry juice is known to have a very high quantity of Vitamin C in it. Also the juice is highly acidic and this is the reason why it is considered as a cure for all sorts of urinary tract infections.

It is believed that the acid content in the fruit also makes the urine quite acidic. This acid content in the urine makes it very inhospitable for the infection causing bacteria to multiply. This in turn helps in the prevention of the urinary infections. This has been a long standing belief among researchers.

More recent reports have come up with a completely new theory altogether. The bacteria which cause this infection are found to hang on to the walls of the bladder using some special hook like structures. There are some special compounds present in the cranberry juice which prevent the bacteria from attaching themselves to the walls of the bladder and when the bladder is emptied, these also get flushed out of the body and hence the body gets rid of infections. These compounds are known to not just treat the infection but also prevent it from occurring again.

Although this is great news for women, especially those who suffer from recurring infections, it is not always helpful. The cranberry juice is quite high in terms of acidity and so it may not suit everybody’s body. Some people are known to suffer from problems like nausea, stomach discomfort, diarrhoea and in certain cases gastroesophagal reflux due to the consumption of the cranberry juice.

Since a lot of research hasn’t been done on the cranberry juice as a component to drive away the infections, there is no known dosage for the consumption of this juice. But it is being said that just 1.7 ounces of the cranberry juice when consumed every single day then the chances of being affected by the UTI is reduced by more than 20%.

This is true for most men as well but they do not tend to suffer from urinary tract infections as much as women and so very few studies have focussed on them. Those few studies also show the same kind of response from the bodies of men who consume the cranberry juice.

Although this is the biggest health benefit that the cranberry juice is known to provide, there are other benefits as well. It is known to protect the teeth from decaying, the infections of the respiratory system is prevented, anti – aging and several more. If the infection doesn’t completely cure on consuming the cranberry juice then it is advised that you do see a doctor in this regard.

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The Health Benefits Of The Mangosteen Juice

mangosteen Liquid

mangosteen Liquid

The benefits provided by the Mangosteen juice are endless. They include, but are not limited to, prevention of cancer, diabetes, allergies and inflammation. The wonderful properties of the Mangosteen juice are innumerable; it includes antibacterial, antifungal and also antioxidant properties which help in protecting the entire body from all sorts of illnesses. It does so by boosting the immune system of the body. It is beneficial for maintaining the weight of the body, healthy skin and providing relief from dysentery and also diarrhoea.

The fruit is normally a deep purple or reddish in colour. The taste of the fruit has earned it the nickname “queen of fruits”. It grows majorly in the tropical areas of Asia. The natives of the countries in which these fruits are found are known to have used them for medicinal purposes from an extremely long time.

Nutrition Content Of The Mangosteen

Mangosteen is rich in water, protein, carbohydrate, fibre and energy. Essential nutrients like magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorous, manganese, sodium, copper and zinc are also known to be found in this amazingly nutritious fruit. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and also vitamin C all of which are required by the body to maintain good health.

Other lesser known vitamins like the riboflavin, thiamin, pantothenic acid, niacin, folic acid, folate, cryptoxanthin and carotene are also present in this fruit. Although found in small quantities, these vitamins are also required for the overall development of the body.

The Benefits Of The Mangosteen To Our Health

Anti – Cancerous Properties

The pericarp or the rind of the Mangosteen is known to be anti – cancerous. This property of the rind is largely due to the xanthones that have been found in very large quantities. These xanthones are known to slow down the growth of cancer in the body. The fruit alone cannot be used to treat cancer but can be used as a supplement to the conventional cancer medicines.

Healthy Skin

Mangosteen contains anti – oxidant, anti – fungal, anti – bacterial and anti – inflammatory properties which are known to help in getting rid of various skin conditions like aging of the skin, eczema, skin inflammation, skin allergies and also bacterial infections. Studies have suggested that the Mangosteen may also help in preventing skin cancer as well.

Menstrual Problems

The roots of the Mangosteen tree are known to help in regulating the menstrual cycle among women.

Protection Of Heart

The risk of stroke is known to be highly reduced if the Mangosteen juice is drank on a daily basis.


Since a very long time, Mangosteen juice has been used as a cure and also a preventive measure of diabetes. It helps in maintaining the sugar levels in the blood.

Loss Of Weight

The nutrients found in the Mangosteen juice are known to maintain the health of the body. The fibre content of the fruit is known to help in losing some considerable amount of weight.

The Mangosteen juice is generally found to have a very long shelf life and so can be stored for long. Now you can have great health by consuming this very tasty juice.

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The Health Benefits Of Black Cherries Fruit

Black Cherry

Black Cherry

Black cherries contain about 17 antioxidants including anthocyanins –flavonoids which happen to be one of the strongest natural antioxidants. Native to North America, black cherries can be found in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and also Florida. Small and sweet these cherries are packed with nutrients. They provide substantial medical benefits to the body.

Health benefits offered by black cherries

Anti inflammation

Studies have shown that the black cherries may be helpful in decreasing the inflammations since they inhibit the inflammatory pathways.

Lowering the level of uric acid in the body

Increase in the uric acid level in the body leads to diseases like gout. Consumption of eight to sixteen ounces of the black cherry concentrates regularly for about two weeks will decrease the uric acid level in the body substantially.

Contains anthocyanins

Anthocyanins, which happen to be some of the strongest antioxidants available naturally, are found in generous quantity in the black cherry concentrates. The distinct red colour present in the cherries is due to a phytonutrient called as flavonoid. These flavonoids have been linked to several health benefits including helping in the fight against heart diseases and cancer.

Studies have shown that these pigments contain some disease fighting properties like anti – carcinogenic, anti – aging and also anti – inflammatory. Black cherries along with concord grapes happen to be some of the best sources of anthocyanins.

Helps to fall asleep

Black cherry concentrates helps to boost the melatonin levels of the body naturally. Melatonin is a very powerful anti – oxidant which is naturally produced by the pineal gland of the body. This helps in regulating the sleep patterns of the body. The melatonin present in the black cherries happens to be more than what the body produces. Hence consuming them will lead to a improved sleep pattern which in turn will help you in achieving a sound sleep.

Helps in reducing oxidative stress

Sometimes the free radicals may tend to overwhelm the defence mechanism of the body. If they are left unchecked, they might rob electrons from the DNA (known as oxidation). The antioxidants present in the black cherries have been found to help in the neutralisation of these free radicals.

Rich in anti–oxidants

A study carried out on several fruit and vegetable juices showed that the black cherries stand among the top 4 juices which have the capability to reduce LDL – cholesterol oxidation.

Tips for the consumption of black cherries

Black cherries can be consumed from several sources like supplements, jams, pies, juices and jellies.

Never consume the leaves of the black cherry plants. Once consumed they turn into cyanide in the body and hence are lethal. Wash the black cherries just before eating. If washed earlier, the moisture might tend to decay the cherries quickly.

Black cherries are native to North America. So while buying the black cherries make sure that the cherries come from reliable sources in North America. This makes sure that they are fresh. If the fruits are over – processed the bioactivity tends to get destroyed.

Always go for the freshest cherries possible. They will definitely help you in gaining a healthier body. The fact that they taste good is just an added bonus.

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The Beneficial Effects Of The Mangosteen

mangosteen Juice

mangosteen Juice

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit which is said to offer several health benefits to the body on consumption. Due to its powerful antioxidant effect, it is sometimes also called as the super fruit. Although Mangosteen as a fruit since several centuries, it is now more popular in the form of a juice. The mangosteen juice consists of both the pulp and the rind of the fruit. It is found to contain a very large percentage of a compound called xanthones in them which have been known to help in keeping the body healthy.

The Positive Effects Of The Mangosteen

The mangosteen has emerged as a ‘super fruit’ only recently and hence the number of studies conducted on the fruit isn’t very large in number. But the studies that have been conducted have shown that the Mangosteen fruit contains anti – inflammatory, anti – tumour, anti – bacterial, anti – viral and most importantly anti – oxidant properties.

Preliminary studies have also suggested that the mangosteen extract many also help in protecting the brain from the toxic effects of the compound called amyloid beta (it is associated with forming brain plaques which in turn may lead to Alzheimer’s).

It has also been found that the extract of the Mangosteen can be very beneficial to the skin. If applied on the skin it may help in the treatment of acne.  Although the effects haven’t been conclusively proven, Chinese natives who had access to these fruits believed that the fruit had beneficial effects on the skin.

Certain studies carried out on the mangosteen juice have found that it may also help in strengthening the immune system of the body and hence improve the overall health of the body. People who consume the mangosteen juice regularly are known to have a stronger immune system as compared to those who don’t. It was also found to reduce the percentage of an inflammation marker called the C – reactive protein.

Mangosteen And Cancer

Although sufficient evidence isn’t available regarding the connection between the mangosteen juice and cancer, claims have been made time and again regarding how the fruit and the juice can help in the fight against cancer. Cancer has been found to be helpful in the preliminary stages of cancer but it is still inconclusive if it helps in the advanced stages as well.

Scientists have warned that the cancer must always consult with the doctor before deciding to consume the mangosteen juice since it may interfere in the treatment of cancer and may also affect the blood sugar level of the body.

Uses Of The Mangosteen Fruit

In Southeast Asia, the rind of the mangosteen fruit has been made use of due to its medicinal properties for several centuries. According to the information passed down by the generations, it has been known that the rind of the mangosteen fruit was brewed into tea and was consumed to treat a number of diseases like bladder infections, diarrhea and also gonorrhoea. The rind was also made into an ointment to treat skin rashes.

Mangosteen has been used for centuries by the natives who have believed that the fruit apart from being delicious can also be very beneficial in improving the health. The studies conducted so far ascertain the same. So add the fruit or the juice to your diet to improve the health of your body.

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Healing Powers Of The Cranberry Juice



Urinary tract infection (UTI), medically known as cystitis, has been found to affect about 60% of the women across the world during some or the other point in their lifetime. Sometimes it can be just once solitary incident, but in a number of cases these infections seem to recur. Almost a third of the women happen to experience the infection again within the same year.

The conventional treatment for these UTIs largely happens to be antibiotics. While these are known to help in getting rid of the infection, there have been growing concerns regarding the usage of antibiotics since it may lead to the emergence of such varieties which may be resistant to these medications.

Therefore there have been wide spread researches to come up with an alternative which will effectively battle the UTIs. One of the things being researched on as a potential medicine against them is the cranberry juice.

Certain studies have shown that women who consumed cranberry juice or a drink containing the cranberry juice may reduce the risk of succumbing to this disease by half. Hence, cranberry has shown some promising qualities to help fight the UTI.

Almost always UTIs are found to be caused by bacterial organisms. Almost 80% of the infections have been caused due to a particular bacterium called E. coli which lives in our gut. Sometimes it makes its way to the bladder by migrating through the tube which takes the urine outside (urethra) from the bladder. It manages to move using a finger like projection (fimbriae) which can adhere or even penetrate the bladder lining.

Cranberry juice has been known to contain certain substances called pro – anthocyanidins. These compounds reduce the ability of the E. coli to form the fimbriae and hence prevent the bacteria from sticking on to the walls of the bladder. Since it cannot adhere to the wall, it can be flushed out of the system very easily.

Studies have found that if women consume the cranberry juice on a daily basis for about six months then they tend to reduce the number of UTIs to half as compared to those women who do not. It was also found that the effect remained for an additional six months, although the reason behind it is still unclear.

Benefits Of The Cranberry Juice For Men

While a lot of benefits of the cranberry juice have been centred on women, it has been found to be beneficial for men as well. Although men do not suffer from UTIs as much as women due to their longer urethras, they do however suffer from a disease called the ‘prostatitis’. This is caused due to the inflammation of the prostate glands and hence can result in discomfort.

Cranberry juice is known to be a very good source of quercetin, which is known for its anti – inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that drinking cranberry juice may help in dealing with prostatitis.
How To Choose The Right Cranberry Juice?

There are several varieties of juices available in stores which contain cranberry juice in them. But most of them contain a very small percentage of the cranberry juice while the rest of it is made up with sweetened water which is unhealthy for the body. So always try and go for that variety where the concentration of the cranberry juice is high.

This might just help you in having a clean gut and hence may help you to stay away from diseases.

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